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Ojai FreeSong Studio

Our studio is a planned nonprofit, currently open by appointment. While none of our equipment is terribly expensive, we deliver a very good sounding room, with up to 6 musicians at once.

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Berries & Thorns by Dylan Rice-Leary
True North by Dylan Rice-Leary
Artemis by Dylan Rice-Leary
Am I Ready to Rock by Marco Juarez Band
Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Jeff Uzzel
The Raven by Angels and Ghosts
Oasis by Jeff Uzzel
Day Off by Dan Carrigan
Runaway by Darryl Morris
Sugaree by Deer Leg
Falling Branches by Jeff Uzzel
Kimmee by Darryl Morris
Autumn Leaves by Honeybrew
Northern Lights by Marco Juarez Band
Livin' on Rainbows by Bob Ballard
The Missing One by Angels and Ghosts
California Blue by Darryl Morris
Oklahoma Waltz by Kenny Walters with Michael Robertson
Tuffy Town by Deer Leg
Set My Heart Free by Bob Ballard
Stab n Steer by Dan Carrigan
Not Like Him by Bob Ballard
Spirits by Jeff Uzzel
Travellin' Light by Deer Leg
Days of the Sun by Honeybrew
Precious Gems by Darryl Morris
Hollywood by Darryl Morris
Pig in a Pen by Jonathan McEuen
Without You by Bob Ballard
Pony Jam by Marco Juarez Band
Too Much Tequila by Kenny Walters with Michael Robertson
Devil Cry by Jonathan McEuen & Bucket Baker
Stuck In The Mud by Dan Carrigan
Something Like a Broken Heart by Jonathan McEuen
Hard Times by Marco Juarez Band
Progress by Jeff Uzzel
Man of War by Dylan Rice-Leary
Entwined by Honeybrew
Virtual Romanticy by Bob Ballard
The Beast by Angels and Ghosts
You're Gone by Deer Leg
Don't Go to Strangers by Jonathan McEuen
BBQ by Dan Carrigan
Grapevine by Kenny Walters with Michael Robertson
Queen by Deer Leg
Cricket Rhythms by Honeybrew
Anew Ver.1 by Honeybrew
Talkin' To My Turtles by Kenny Walters with Michael Robertson
Bills To Pay by Dylan Rice-Leary
Lazy Lizard by Kenny Walters with Michael Robertson
Get Your Wings by Marco Juarez Band